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Nexus Private Equity Partners

Nexus Private Equity Partners is an alternative investment fund management company established in Croatia in 2008, and licenced by HANFA under the EU AIFMD framework, with the ambition of developing and positioning Nexus as a key player in both the Croatian and regional private equity / venture capital markets with several funds under management. The starting platform on which we base our goals are an excellent management team, orientation to strategic partnerships with some of the key corporate, administrative and financial institutions, both local and regional, as well as a comprehensive network of local and international contacts in financial institutions and capital markets.

It is our intention to offer to local and foreign investors, focusing on Croatia and SEE markets, an alternative form of investments by means of private equity and venture capital (togetehr "private equity") investments, while, on the other hand, provide entrepreneurs with an alternative form of funding to classic banking financing and/or funding in the capital markets, since, currently, such funding is of limited availability to a lot of attractive projects and successful companies and entrepreneurs hampering their success. Also,  it is of our interest, through financing successful projects, to contribute to the overall economic development of the markets where we invest into.

Taking into account the abovementiond, we will strive to develop our business in the local and regional markets through 3 business segments favourable to private equity investments: (i) equity investments in medium to large companies aiming at business expansion, (ii) equity investments in small companies (expansion and potentially start-ups) with high growth potential, and (iii) project finance, primarily in energy sector and potentially in infrastructure and real-estate development.

Nexus has 3 private equity funds under management:

  • The first fund Nexus ALPHA was established in October 2008 with HRK 254.5 million (cca. EUR 36 million) of committed capital.
  • The second fund Nexus FGS was established in February 2011, as a "fund for economic cooperation" where the Croatian Government is a pari passu investor along private investors, with HRK 380 million (cca. EUR 52 million) of committed capital.
  • Nexus took over the management of the third fund Nexus FGS II in November 2014. Prior to the takeover the Fund was operational as Alternative Private Equity FGS which was also established as a "fund for economic cooperatio" with HRK 600 million (EUR 80 million) of committed capital.