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What Do We Offer?

Nexus and funds under its management are able to offer to their potential partners (entrepreneurs) as follows:

  • Long-term capital, solidly underpinning your companiy's growth;
  • A partnership, sharing the risks and rewards;
  • Strategic and operational support and networking along with financial advice;
  • Alliances due to investor's network of contacts and portfolio of investments;
  • Assistance with subsequent financing operations;
  • Increased visibility with bankers, suppliers and clients;
  • The adoption of high-performance management standards;
  • A partial or total exit strategy.

Since private equity fund, as an investor, shares risks and rewards of a business it invested in, the fund itself is highly motivated to engage all available resources to ensure the success of the business in order to create the highest possible value added and, therefore, achieve the highest possible return on its investment. In doing so, it also directly maximises effects for the entrepreneur.